The workshop is a way to craft items using different resources (and skills). It is often more difficult and expensive to produce items than to buy them, unless the raw materials are in an area where the raw materials are very cheap.

Making white Tagelmust can net a small profit early on in the game, and repeatedly making them will increase the maximum than can be made in a day.

No experience is earned by using the workshop.

List of Workshop Products Edit

Textile x 2 Edit

  • White Tagelmust x 1
  • Maximum 50 Units Per Day

First Aid Bag Edit

First Aid Bag
  • Alcohol x 0.3
  • Cotton x 0.1
  • Medicine x 20
  • Textile x 0.5
  • Doctor Skill : 100

White Tagelmust Edit

White Tagelmust
  • Mechanic Skill : 90
  • Textile x 2

Molotov Cocktail Edit

Molotov Cocktail
  • Lubricant x 0.1
  • Fuel x 0.8
  • Glass Bottle x 1
  • Mechanic Skill: 30
  • Textile x 0.1

Textile x 2 Edit

  • Water x 4
  • Lye x 0.03
  • Blue Tagelmust x 1
  • Mechanic Skill : 30

Textile x 2 Edit

  • Water x 4
  • Lye x 0.05
  • Black Tagelmust x 1
  • Mechanic Skill : 35

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