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    Caravaneer 2, dare I say, is one of the best game I've ever played. Its realistic, sophisticated and fun. Ever since I started playing several years ago I was totally hooked by it. But over the years I've descovered some problems. Here I'll be focus on its combat system. I'll be talking about the problems with current combat system and my ideas to improve them. First I'll talk about things that bothered me in Caravaneer 2 combat system.

    Tell me, when is the last time you actually choose assault rifles, SMGs and shotguns over your favorite Mosin, SMLE, Garand and M21? Sniper rifles in this game are not necessarily OP but considering the combat situation and how weak other weapons are, sniper rifle + rocket pretty much become the only practic…

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    Umi Alpha is the best transportation in the game… wait WHAT? You disagree because it’s a fuel vacuum and 5 of them will literally use up all the fuel available in a few years? Don’t worry, now I’m going to show you how to solve this problem by starting 2 industries and turning your Umi Alphas into dairy mobiles! It’s going to cost you about 42 million but after that you no longer need to buy any food, fuel, lubricant and still earning money.

    The scenario setting I'm using now is that you have complete Qubba storyline and have 5 Umi Alphas, 8 volunteers and 10 mercenaries (18 people is more than enough to deal with any Qubba bandit, you can have less mercenaries if your skilled) and the total salary is less than 40k.

    Here’s how you do it: (Th…

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    The Trading Map

    March 27, 2015 by VASH581

    This is something I'm recently working on: (click for bigger map)




    Purple: illegal

    Pink: illegal at first, legalized after sertain storyline

    What do you think? I think the map is easier to read than the chart. If the feed back are good I'll add them to the Trade Route page.

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