Note: This blog post may contain spoiler information. The data was gathered from Story mode, both Normal and Hard difficulty settings. Sandbox mode may have different secondary effects.

Relationship Effects of Remanding Prisoners

The player has full control of one action that affects faction relationships: where to remand prisoners to a faction's police force. The following information may help a player decide where to remand their prisoners. Note that some of these factions can be "eliminated" in Story mode which will prevent remanding prisoners to that faction.

The matrix is valid for relationships in the range -50 to +50. Once a faction relationship is outside the range -100 to +100, it is extremely difficult, maybe impossible, to reverse its direction, except for some Story mode events (e.g., starting a war).

Relationship matrix:

Region where you
remand prisoner
Effect on faction relationship
Alkubra Ozbet Janubi Qubba Federation
Alkubra +1 *+ *+ *+ *+
Ozbet 0 +1 *- *+ *-
Janubi **+ *- +1 *+ *+
Qubba *+ *+ *+ +1 *-
Federation *+ *+ *+ *+ +1


0 No effect
+1 Relationship increases 1 for each prisoner remanded to the police.
*+ ( *-) Relationship increases (decreases) less than 1 for each prisoner remanded to the police (between one-eighth and one-half point).
**+ (**-) Relationship increases (decreases) by a very small amount for each prisoner remanded to the police.

other faction effects:

  • all give a small increase (**+) in relationship with Travelers and Caravans
  • all give a small decrease (**-) in relationship with Brethern of the Sands
  • all, except Federation, give a small decrease (**-) in relationship with Rovers and Regin's Gang.
  • Alkubra has (*-) effect on Narizians and Alkubra Marauders and (*+) for The Church of Man of Zinc.
  • Ozbet has (*-) effect on Alkubra Marauders.
  • other faction relationship changes depend on your current relationship with that other faction.

Note 1: The * and ** results are affected by your current relationship with that faction. These secondary effects can be greater than 1 per prisoner if the magnitude of your current relationship is large (over plus or minus 1000).

Note 2: The secondary effects for remanding prisoners in Qubba and Federation are estimated. Because the other factions were outside the range -50 to +50 at the time those regions were analyzed.