• Tullius83

    Umi Alpha Oil Tycoon

    March 18, 2017 by Tullius83

    This is an analysis of the economics of oil. It may help people who have completed the Liberation path storyline and want to use their 5 (or 6 on "hard") Umi Alphas as they continue playing in the world they have molded. The player can continue to change the world and never run out of oil. The Umi Alpha is the most fuel efficient vehicle in the game. Computing the quotient, (Max Load) / (Fuel Consumption per 100 km) for each vehicle shows:

    Toe Cutter: 600 / (7/100) = 8571 kg-km/fuel
    Igelkott: 1600 / (10/100) = 16,000 kg-km/fuel
    Umi Alpha: 12,000 / (43/100) = 27,906 kg-km/fuel

    Your Umi Alphas are only one user of fuel. Several towns receive regular fuel supplies and will also consume fuel.

    An Umi Alpha moves 16 km per hour. In 1 day, it travels …

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  • Tullius83

    Note: This blog post may contain spoiler information. The data was gathered from Story mode, both Normal and Hard difficulty settings. Sandbox mode may have different secondary effects.

    The player has full control of one action that affects faction relationships: where to remand prisoners to a faction's police force. The following information may help a player decide where to remand their prisoners. Note that some of these factions can be "eliminated" in Story mode which will prevent remanding prisoners to that faction.

    The matrix is valid for relationships in the range -50 to +50. Once a faction relationship is outside the range -100 to +100, it is extremely difficult, maybe impossible, to reverse its direction, except for some Story mode e…

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  • Tullius83

    The purpose of this analysis is not to start an argument about starting attributes. Its purpose is to provide some numbers on the effects of some starting attribute choices so a player can make an informed choice. Secondarily, it shows some of the interrelationships among attributes.

    There are two sets of comparisons based on the extreme ends of the attributes (attributes of 1 and 10). Each is a comparison of two starting characters with 11 attribute points, combined, in agility (AG) and intelligence (INT). The other 9 attribute points are assumed to be assigned identically by the characters to physical and accuracy. The general conclusion is that extreme attribute choices for agility and intelligence do not give an advantage over more mode…

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  • Tullius83


    • January 2017: Minor updates and corrections to Appendix 2 - Animal weights and passenger size.
    • March 2017: Add more information on baby animal milk consumption and the effect of cows on the Collecting skill in the section "Additional Information on Animals."

    This guide provides information and tips for those who want to try large scale breeding and herding of animals. The advantages and disadvantages of running an animal herding "business" are outlined. Several possible herd configurations are examined. Detailed information on animals is included in appendices. Although this guide is in a blog due to its size, comments and questions are welcome.

    Herding animals is interesting and can be profitable, too. This guide will give you s…

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  • Tullius83

    Revisions: December 23, 2016:

    • Expanded calculations in examples 3 and 4 to explicitly show the effects of automatic selling versus active management.
    • Added 2 appendices that provide more detailed analysis of Food and Clothing industries.

    This is a large, general purpose, guide that explains how to find, evaluate, and manage profitable industries. It is targeted at a beginner to intermediate level of experience with industry. Starting from basic concepts, the guide progresses through increasingly more complex situations while explaining how player-owned industries behave in these situations. This allows the player to decide how deeply they wish to delve into industries. It includes 13 in-game examples, drawn from every region, to illustrate t…

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