Last night, I installed a program capable of viewing AS 3 (ActionScript 3). This game's secrets are now unlocked... or they would be, if I still remembered how to code. It was hard enough to make a correction to the M1 Garand's magazine size in the first Caravaneer.

This game has text files that come out to over 300 kb. To reiterate, 300 kb in text. More than one.

Priority one is finishing up the storage for industries later tonight. In the meantime, I've found some base healing prices from DoABC -> IsoEngine ->

  • Animal: 20
  • Person: 40
  • Cart: 25
  • Car: 70
  • Eye Surgery: 10000
  • Arm Surgery: 6000
  • Leg Surgery: 8000

Rehiring minimum morale:

  • Volunteer: 50
  • Mercenary: 30
  • Prisoner: 30
  • Slave: 40

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