This is a sample of a caravan route found within the caravan_routes section of; specifically, the 15-man caravan.

{size:15, onInit:true, extraEquipment:[{type:170, amount:20}], points:[{town:27, buy:[{item:90, amount:20}, {item:94, amount:60}, {item:62, amount:32}], sell:[{item:104, amount:100}, {item:"hat", amount:100}, {item:"shoes", amount:100}, {item:78, amount:100}, {item:186, amount:100}, {item:"food", amount:100}, {item:"lowerBodyClothing", amount:100}]}, {town:26, buy:[{item:62, amount:233}, {item:"hat", amount:10}, {item:"shoes", amount:16}], sell:[{item:90, amount:100}, {item:94, amount:100}]}, {town:31, buy:[{item:104, amount:164}], sell:[{item:62, amount:100}]}, {town:32, buy:[{item:78, amount:14}, {item:186, amount:5}, {item:"food", amount:78}], sell:[{item:104, amount:6}]}, {town:30, buy:[{item:78, amount:30}, {item:"lowerBodyClothing", amount:30}], sell:[{item:104, amount:71}, {item:"hat", amount:30}, {item:"shoes", amount:25}]}]}, {size:35, onInit:true, extraEquipment:[{type:170, amount:3}, {type:136, amount:1}], points:[{town:27, buy:[], sell:[{item:93, amount:100}]}

Translating something like this is far beyond my ability.

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