• Noddite

    Qubba Bandits Code

    September 3, 2017 by Noddite

    This is what I've been able to find on the Qubba Bandits unit as shown here.

    pushstring "faction" pushbyte 21 pushstring "name" pushshort 6656 pushstring "aggressive" pushfalse pushstring "averagePeopleNum" pushbyte 15 pushstring "slavers" pushtrue pushstring "transportSlaves" pushbyte 0 pushstring "money" pushshort 2500 pushstring "totalWeaponsPercentage" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "peopleLevel" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "peopleExperience" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "weapons" pushstring "ite… Read more >
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    Basic Modding 02: Cannibalism

    November 24, 2016 by Noddite

    You miss out on a lot if you play in Sandbox Mode. A lot of locations don't appear, there's no way to get unique items like Pim's Navigation Device or the S&W Model 500, there are no volunteers, and you can't become a cannibal. Follow these steps to fix the no cannibalism issue.

    Files: IsoEngine\Caravan.class.asasm and Data\Item.class.asasm

    Turning your caravan into cannibals has two parts: one to get human meat to appear and another to eat it.

    In Caravan.class.asasm, find this line:

    trait slot QName(PackageNamespace(""), "cannibal") value end

    and change it to

    trait slot QName(PackageNamespace(""), "cannibal") value True() end

    This allows your caravan to loot human meat from the dead, as well as slaughter slaves for food. It does not allow you to eat…

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    Since the beginning of this month, I've been using RABCDAsm to finish cataloging Caravaneer 2's items, industries, towns, etc. Meanwhile, I've also noticed a few people want to mod the game.

    This time, I'm posting the code to enable all industries in a town:

    pushstring "possibleIndustries" pushbyte 1 pushbyte 2 pushbyte 3 pushbyte 4 pushbyte 5 pushbyte 6 pushbyte 7 pushbyte 8 pushbyte 9 pushbyte 10 pushbyte 11 pushbyte 12 pushbyte 13 pushbyte 14 pushbyte 15 pushbyte 16 pushbyte 17 pushbyte 18 pushbyte 19 pushbyte 20 pushbyte 21 pushbyte 22 pushbyte 23 pushbyte 24 pushbyte 25 pushbyte 26 pushbyte 27 pushbyte 28 pushbyte 29 pushbyte 30 pushbyte 31 pushbyte 32 pushbyte 33 pushbyte 34 pushbyte 35 pushbyte 36 pushbyte 37 pushbyte 38 pushbyte 39 … Read more >
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    Industry Stats

    April 1, 2015 by Noddite

    The following data (pulled from and separated for readability) is of limited use since each town has its own storage price, salary coefficient, tax rate, electricity price, and relative price. Still might be of interest if you want to know the sources of your expenses.

    Interesting note: The source code implies that "Hard" difficulty is the way the game is intended to be played.

    Insect Farming
    {name:1291, consumption:[{item:62, amount:1}, {item:1, amount:10}], production:[{item:45, amount:5}], electricityConsumption:0, averageSalary:5, fixedExpenses:5, storagePerUnit:10, price:250000},

    Sheep Breeding
    {name:1308, consumption:[{item:62, amount:56}, {item:1, amount:32}], production:[{item:85, amount:1.40}, {item:86, amount:4.30}, {item:87…

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    Table Trouble

    March 31, 2015 by Noddite

    Good news: The Faction relations table's been done for a few days. There's a copy of it on my user page ready to be moved.

    Bad news: Even using established collapsible tables from other pages as templates, I can't get this one to work properly.

    Most likely future code dump: Industries.

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