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    Quick Tips

    December 21, 2014 by Icilan

    I have no idea where to add such information, as they could range from Industries to Combat to Conspiracies.

    Skipping Storyline in Storyline Mode:

    In Your Bunker, enter Your Room and read the Map of the Tribal Region. Go to Lintu while skipping Silos and begin your mark in a much easier region than where you start off with in Sandbox Mode (i.e: Alkubra Region). This means that you can work your Missions fully equipped with Grenade Launchers (from the Gun Store in Ausz), a Horse/Camel caravan, and plenty of Boryokudan (or any other kind of) mercenaries ready to tear apart the region, for a good cause or for Teh Evulz.

    • Remember that their initial hiring fee may be higher than their minimum accepted wage. Set their price and press "Min." to see …

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