The Church of Man of Zinc

Main Church



To praise Man of Zinc




"We are now standing in a sacred place where good people gather to praise our Lord and Savior Man of Zinc. Man of Zinc was to us long time ago to save humanity from its own sins, to protect everything that was good in us and to punish everything that was evil."

Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth

This Church is the official Church of the Alkubra region.

They worship Man of Zinc, a "Superman" like deity. The name itself is a wordplay on the epithet of Superman "The Man of Steel".

The Citadel of Loneliness is their main church, which is located in the town of Orth. The church also has a colony, Confusion.

Followers of the Church of Man of Zinc can be easily identified by their mannerism, speaking words that involves the church's folklore, like "krypt", "Luthor", and "Void".

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