Shotguns are the only weapons to use pellets. It has the advantage of shooting multiple pellets each shot depending on the gauge (buckshot, etc) the player chooses to use, more than likely allowing it to hit more than one enemy. It has the advantage of causing massive damage in close range but it lacks in range and accuracy bonuses compared to other guns, even pistols. One also has to note their low, low ammo capacity with one shotgun (IZH 18) having ammo capacity comparable to that of crossbows.

Chart Edit

Weapon Weapon Type Ammo Ammo Capacity Accuracy Velocity Weight ~Price
IZH 18 Single Barrel Break-Action Shotgun 12-Gauge 1 4 110 2.8


Double-Barrel Shotgun 12-Gauge 2 3 90 2.2
Winchester Model 21 Double-Barrel Shotgun 12-Gauge 2 4 100 2.863
Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun 12-Gauge 5 4 95 3.3
AA-12* Full Auto Shotgun 12-Gauge 20 4 100 5.2

(*) Advanced Weaponry DLC required

Weapon Details Edit

IZH 18Edit

IZH 18
  • Single Shot: 5 AP
  • Reload: 5 AP


  • Single Shot: 5 AP
  • Double Shot: 6 AP
  • Reload: 6 AP

Winchester Model 21Edit

Winchester Model 21
  • Single Shot: 5 AP
  • Double Shot: 6 AP
  • Reload: 6 AP

Remington 870Edit

Remington 830
  • Quick Shot: 6 AP
  • Reload: 6 AP


  • Single Shot: 5 AP
  • Burst X3: 8 AP
  • Burst X5: 12 AP
  • Reload: 3 AP

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