"Lago is my place. I don't go there telling them what to do, and they don't come here either... And when I do go there to visit, they give me a friendly welcome, because they're all my friends, you see... They like me or they need me... or they just want my money."

— Sapoboi Rodrigues

"I always knew that he was corrupt and dissolute... I even heard that he converted into the Narizian religion, but this... This is too much!"

— Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth about Sapoboi Rodrigues being a cannibal

A rich individual who owns Lago ranch.

Becomes a Narizian after being converted by a slave. The protagonist can convince him to donate $700000 to help build the Narizian Colony. If the protagonist collects the money but don't give it to John Patson, Sapoboi will report it to the Alkubra Police, so the police will attack the protagonist until the money is given back to Sapoboi.

Before become a narizian, Sapoboi was probably a follower of the Church of Man of Zinc, as he still use the church's mannerism in some dialogues.

He is secretly a cannibal and can teach the player how to cannibalize slaves and dead enemies.

Sapoboi Can be killed if the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist reveal his cannibalism to the High Priest of Orth.