"To honor St. Lois, I guess, but maybe she also wanted to become a completely new person."

— Apis about why Alice changed her name to "Lois"

"Sweet Man of Zinc and Santa Lois! Look who's here! The best employee we ever had! You did really well, son/darling! You really made the old man happy! Huli gave you your reward, right?"

— Dolland Truffle

Saint Lois is a saint by the Church of Man of Zinc.

Little is told about her in the gameplay. Apparently she appeared in the Church of Man of Zinc religion when its priests read about her in the church "holy books".

When Alice decided to change her name to hide her identify from Drekar, she choosed the name "Lois" to honor Saint Lois. Dolland Truffle also cited Saint Lois when congralutale the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist for complete the fourth and final Workforce Merchants storyline mission.

Saint Lois is a reference of Lois Lane.

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