Poor Richard. He's so obssessed with keeping everybody happy that he can't see the real magnitude of the problem. He wasn't always like this, you know... He was a pirate before. I think he still has his Sand Sloop parked somewhere in Qubba."

— Nikuban about Richard Weaver

Former Privateer and current President of Qubba.

Reluctant initially to the idea of fighting the Federation , he is convinced to fight after reading John Sheppard's letter and order the intelligence to get all the possible information about the subject.

Eventually offers end-game missions after completing the game's storyline on Qubba's side.

Richard shares a similar background story with Oswald Raff: a outlaw that becomes president of Qubba. However, unlike Oswald, Richard abandoned crime and did not turned Qubba Government into a kleptocracy.

Richard Weaver will be killed if Qubba got destroyed.

Real-life Richard Weaver helped the game creation as a crowfunder.