Pullid Camp


West Tribal Region



Population (rounded to the nearest ten)



  • Rovers
Pullid Camp is a town in the Tribal region. It can be destroyed by certain events in the main storyline.

Locations Edit

Marketplace Edit

  • Buys and sells a large variety of goods
  • Produces water, forage, and yarn
  • Edible produces include jerboa meat

Livestock Market Edit

  • Sells animals including sheep and goat


  • Only available after defeating Regin's Gang, speaking to Lois, and choosing the right dialogue options with Apis.
  • Provides 2,500kg of free storage space. Initially contains 14kg of gold.

Industries Edit

Town's Industries Edit

  • Water Well
  • Forage Cultivation
  • Wool Processing
  • Jerboa Breeding

New Industries Edit

  • None

Special Characters Edit

Apis Edit

  • Deals with anything concerning with the town and acts as the leader. He knows the location of Lois.

Lois Edit

  • Returns when the Drekar is gone and takes over as the leader.
  • Can later be recruited to fight against the Federation.

Tips Edit

  • Buys wool in large quantities and for the highest price in the Tribal region
  • The Livestock Market is a good place to sell excess weapons, helmets, and body armor. The prices are among the highest available anywhere. The price paid for containers is also reasonable.