Olaf is the only scout at your bunker (other than the protagonist, that tecnically not finished the scout training yet) .

The main quest of Caravaneer 2 is to find Olaf, who supposedly was supposed to be prepare for a mission and had explicit orders not to leave the bunker.

But really Olaf and Chairman Brass had a disagreement over the military-grade uranium that they were trading with Fafnir for regular uranium and Olaf left the bunker to investigate were the military-grade uranium was going.

Fafnir pointed him to his friend Calvin in New Serino. Olaf "asked too many questions" and Calvin makes the Alkubra Police arrest him under false charges that Olaf attacked a police officer, and Olaf was sent to the Cotton Fields as a slave.

Like everybody in the bunker, Olaf is very skeptical about religious beliefs. If the protagonist comment with him that have heard about Emilia's baby being a demon child (by Orion, Solanum III or Jacob Fulier), he will immediately dismiss this theory saying that it's nonsense. Commenting it or not, Olaf will explain to the protagonist that the baby have been affected by radiation when the bunker people tried to downblend nuclear warheads.

Olaf can be killed after join Caravaneer 2 Protagonist, as any caravan member.


  • Physical: 4
  • Agility: 6
  • Accuracy: 7
  • Intelligence: 7

Trivia Edit

  • Olaf automatically becomes a volunteer after rescuing him from the Cotton Fields

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