This is a list of machine guns and their various attributes.

Chart Edit

Arma Weapon Type Ammo Ammo Capacity Accuracy Velocity Weight Price
MG 42 Machine Gun 7.92x57mm Mauser 250 5 100 11.57 150000
M-134 Advanced Machine Gun 7.62x51mm NATO 1500 5 100 38.56 750000

Weapon Details Edit

MG 42 Edit

MG 42
  • Burst x3: 7 AP
  • Burst x5: 9 AP
  • Burst x8: 12 AP
  • Burst x12: 15 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP

M-134 Edit

  • Burst x6: 6 AP
  • Burst x10: 9 AP
  • Burst x16: 12 AP
  • Burst x24: 15 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP 


  • The M-134 can be purchased in the Qubba and Ausz Weapon Stores. Alternatively, they can be looted from Qubba Police Units.

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