"There's no hope. They all hate us for belonging to a different religion and we can do nothing about it. There are too few of us and we don't have any money either."

- John Patson

"I'll give you an address in Lost. The guy who lives there is John Patson. We believe that he's their leader or at least a very important figure in their community. He'll be the right person to talk to."

- Captain Mustaparta about John Patson

John Patson is a member of the Narizians who hid in Lost to avoid persecution by the Church of Man of Zinc. If the protagonist follow the Liberation Army quest then he or she will have to get rid of the Narizians. The protagonist can either

  1. Tell the Narizians to move in with the tribes to the North
  2. Give the Narizians one million dollars to start a colony - asking or not help to Sapoboi Rodrigues .
  3. Tell the Narizians to go to Orth to be converted (results in the Narizians being killed by attack from the Alkubra Police)


  • Physical: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Accuracy: 4
  • Intelligence: 7

When leaving Lost with other narizians, John Patson uses no weapon or armor in combat, fighting with his bare hands instead.

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