'I'm Awake to See It' is a novel created for the sequel "Caravaneer 2", generally made as a 'background story' behind the Caravaneer 2 story mixed with another, or should we say, a part of an Expanded Universe. The story begins in the upper regions in Eurasia, and ends around the regions of Caravaneer 1 and 2.


Some time around the pre-alpha version, people decided to make novels or short stories about the sequel of Caravaneer 1.

The first approved short story for the website of Caravaneer 2 was jhypsyshah's, of which three of his shorts were immediately sent to the Expanded Universe section of the website.

However, another author (WitheredWriter, his pen name) decided to make one as well.

The novel 'I'm Awake to See It' started off as a satirical joke about the crippled economy around the Caravaneer 2 universe. People then started to see the potential of the novel, and so without any hesitation, the author made a small-joint joke into a full novel.

To this very day, the author does update it (though he's very busy with his work or his experimental activities whilst drunk). But when the author isn't, he finds more proofreaders to proofread the novel.

Trivia Edit

  • Its genre is set to "Dramatic Fiction" with a mix of "Historical Fiction"
  • Some say it is another general "Fan Fiction" but it's considered as a regular novel piece, stated by the author
  • It is a work in progress.
  • Created by "Books Directory by Jason"
  • The creator mentioned that there are seven chapters, and epilogues had remain in secret. (Currently under chapter five)
  • In the directory of 'I'm Awake to See It' three of the chapters are only officially complete, four through seven are either in progress or in need of Proofreaders