"It's understandable... well... you can consider yourself lucky because you and us, we have a common enemy, and I'm sure that our collaboration will help each one of us to achieve their goals."

- Fiston Diputtan

The President of the Federation, residing in Ausz. Gives the player the grim task of annihilating Qubba through the means of a bomb for the Federation's expansion goals.

Like Oswald Raff, Fiston gives a simple mission to the protagonist, consisting in basically just visit a town, that gives the "evil ending" of the game. However, while Oswald ask the Caravaneer 1 protagonist to bring a sniper to Verdammtier Platz to kill one single person, Fiston ask the Caravaneer 2 Protagonist to bring a nuclear bomb to Qubba to blow up the entire city. Also, while Oswald tell to the Caravaneer 1 protagonist to ask no questions, Fiston prefers to lie to Caravaneer 2 Protagonist telling the bomb was suppose to blow up the Qubba parliament building only and was suppose to be a ordinary bomb, even denying to know what the word "nuclear" means.

Fiston Diputtan is a parody of Vladimir Putin.