"He's not a regular child... He's different... If people see him, they may... eh... get upset, maybe... They may.... well... I don't even want to think about these things."

- Emilia about her baby son

Emilia is a member of Your Bunker.

She has a baby son mutated by radiation, but without know anything about radiation, she got confused about what really happened to the baby being hairy, have sharp teeth and animal's eyes, make animal noises and try to climb on things no stop.

Fearing that people get upset about her baby, she have been very discrete about his birth.

When she asked about her baby to the bunker medics, they said that they can't heal him because they don't have any information about his condition, except that it's a genetic disorder. Then she ask the protagonist's help to find a medical explanation about the baby genetic disorder, because even if the baby cannot be healed, Emilia still want to know what's going on with him, and with the medical explanation maybe the baby can be accepted by people and the people will not see him as a monster.</span>

Like everybody in the bunker, Emilia is very skeptical about religious beliefs. If the protagonist comment with her that have heard about her baby being a demon child (by Orion, Solanum III or Jacob Fulier), she will comment that she had a dream of a demon lying on her chest, and she could not move or scream, but that she spoke about it with the doctor and he said that it's sleep paralysis. If the protagonist insists that believe that the baby is really a demon child, Emilia will get upset, give up from protagonist's help and tell the protagonist to leave.

When the protagonist rescue Olaf from slavery in Cotton Fields, Emilia will be kidnapped alongside all the other bunker people by the Federation Army.

If the protagonist side with Workforce Merchants, Fiston Diputtan will claim that all the bunker people, including Emilia, was killed by Qubba Government in Fort Goks, after the destruction of Qubba.

If the protagonist side with Liberation Army, Emilia and all the other bunker people will be rescued by the protagonist from a detention camp in Ausz. After that, protagonist will choose between accept Chairman Brass' decision to take the bunker people back to Your Bunker - where they will perish - or confront Chairman Brass and take the bunker people to Qubba - where they will prosper.


  • Physical: 3
  • Agility: 6
  • Accuracy: 6
  • Intelligence: 5

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