Devices are tools that produce or consume electricity to provide a benefit to a caravan.

Charts Edit


List of Generators
Item Weight Electricity Produced Fuel Consumed Price W/kg
1kW Generator 95.0 1000


500k-900k 10.53
120W Solar Panel 12.0 120 0.0 1.1m-1.6m 10


List of Devices
Item Weight Electricity Consumed Mechanic Doctor Veterinary Sight Price
Battery Charger 0.2 150 0 0 0 100%
Welding Machine 12.0 5500 100 0 0 100%
Cardiac Monitor 8.0 550 0 70 0 100%
Infusion Pump 2.3 350 0 50 40 100%
Medical Ventilator 7.5 850 0 80 0 100%
Intubation Set 0.8 150 0 40 0 100%
Ultrasonic Sensor 19.8 950 0 0 0 500%
Pim's Navigation Device* 1.6 240 0 0 0 100%

(*) Unique, only a limited amount can be obtained

Item Details Edit

1kW Generator Edit

1KW Power Generator

Produces 1000W (1kW) of electricity.

Consumes 7.2L fuel/day.

120W Solar Panel Edit

120W Solar Panel

Produces 120W of electricity.

Battery Charger Edit

Battery Charger

Consumes 150W of electricity.

Charges 4 batteries per day.

Welding Machine Edit

Welding Machine

Consumes 5500W of electricity.

Improves Mechanic (100).

Cardiac Monitor Edit

Cardiac Monitor

Consumes 550W of electricity.

Improves Doctor (70).

Infusion Pump Edit

Infusion Pump

Consumes 350W of electricity.

Improves Doctor (50) and Veterinary (40).

Medical Ventilator Edit

Medical Ventilator

Consumes 850W of electricity.

Improves Doctor (80).

Intubation Set Edit

Intubation Set

Consumes 150W of electricity.

Improves Doctor (40).

Ultrasonic Sensor Edit

Ultrasonic Sensor

Consumes 950W of electricity.

Multiplies Sight by 500%.

Pim's Navigation Device Edit

Pim's Navigation Device

Consumes 240W of electricity.

Improvement over the sextant and nautical almanac. Pinpoints location on map.


Running one of each device (52.2kg) all at once would require 8740 watts of power. This would require 73 (876kg) solar panels or 9 (855kg + fuel) generators.

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