Crossbows are the only projectile weapons to use bolts instead of bullets. All crossbows have a maximum of one ammo capacity and require high AP to shoot and reload. The heavy ammo, high AP cost, low velocity, and low ammo capacity makes it obsolete to guns and should only be used in the early game. They are not able to pierce through leather jacket armor of drekar either, and aren't helpful against drekar raiders.

Chart Edit

Weapon Weapon Type Ammo Ammo Capacity Accuracy Velocity Weight ~Price
Hand Crossbow Crossbow Crossbow Bolt 1 5 60 1.5
Crossbow Crossbow Crossbow Bolt 1 7 75 3.0
Ultra Weapon* Crossbow Crossbow Bolt 1 9 150 3.0

(*) Unique, only a limited amount can be obtained

Weapon Details Edit

Hand CrossbowEdit

Hand Crossbow
  • Quick Shot: 4 AP
  • Aimed Shot: 5 AP
  • Head Shot: 7 AP
  • Reload: 5 AP

A small, crude, cheap crossbow that serves more like a toy than a weapon in the old world. The short string, short lath and slow velocity means the bolts are easily affected by wind and can barely penetrate human skin, dealing pathetic damage. Still, several petty gangs and militia use it because it's light, easy to improvise, and looks somewhat stylish. If you want to stab someone at range but poor at tossing knives and javelins, go get one.


  • Quick Shot: 5 AP
  • Aimed Shot: 6 AP
  • Head Shot: 7 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP

The invention of the crossbow can be traced back to 500B.C. and it plays an iconic role in the history of war ever since. Even after the invention of firearms, crossbow is still a popular tool in sports, hunting and military. Of course, bolts are no match to bullets when it comes to firepower and accuracy. But, compare to firearms, crossbow has the advantage of being silent, easy to maintain and recyclable projectiles, making it popular among guerrillas and low tier warriors in the new world. The manufacturers are kind enough to install a free crude lens for you, but you can attach your own scope if you wish.

Ultra WeaponEdit

Ultra Weapon
  • Quick Shot: 5 AP
  • Aimed Shot: 6 AP
  • Head Shot: 7 AP
  • Reload: 7 AP

The name says it all, the tool of destruction, the mayhem of this wasted, forsaken, post-apocalypse world........ok just kidding! The Ultra Weapon is a compound crossbow which presumably made of aluminum alloy and polyethylene string. It is still unknown who actually produced it, only that Kevin A was the one who had it before you did. The pulleys on either side of the lath can not only maximize potential energy stored but also decrease the holding force for trigger system. This, combined with rigid lath and elastic string enable the bolts to shoot at extreme speed and pierce through tissue and bones at long range. If someone still find it too weak, they can still hang it on the wall and admire how shiny it is!