"Chunk Nariz is the greatest of all fighters and the mightiest of all living beings."

John Patson about Chunk Nariz

The Narizians Religion worships Chunk Nariz as a god. Both The Church of Man of Zinc and the Narizians say that Chunk Nariz and the Man of Zinc fought a great battle.

The Narizians say the Chunk Nariz won and The Church of Man of Zinc say that the Man of Zinc won. According to the Narizians Chunk Nariz is not dead, just waiting for the right time to come back.

Narizians claim that Toowoomba is a sacred place because Chunk Nariz lived there, so the Ozbet Government had to promise them to preserve all their sacred buildings before they agreed to rebuild the town.

Trivia Edit

  • Chunk Nariz is a parody to Chuck Norris;
  • His feats are recollected in a book The Miracles.

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