"He's not a very popular chairman, you know... And he's got this huge problem with the fuel that he has no solution for, so it's quite clear that when the next elections come, he's going to lose them unless he becomes a hero before that."

- Olaf about Chairman Brass

Brass is the Chairman of Your Bunker. He starts the main quest of finding Olaf.

Brass is insecure in maintaining power. He is driven to do dramatic and dangerous actions to keep his position, such as, trying to solve the energy problem of the bunker by mixing military grade uranium with unenriched uranium. Lacking the proper equipment in the bunker workshops, this action greatly increased radiation levels in the bunker facilities and, consequently, caused Emilia's unborn baby's mutation.

Like everybody in the bunker, Chairman Brass is very skeptical about religious beliefs. If the protagonist comment with him that have heard about Emilia's baby being a demon child (by OrionSolanum III or Jacob Fulier), he will say he know that the world outside is full of superstitious people who believe in demons and other nonsense, but that they need a scientific explanation, not fairy tales. If the protagonist insists that believe that the baby is really a demon child, Brass will get upset and order the protagonist to stop talking nonsense and continue executing the orders.

When the protagonist rescue Olaf from slavery in Cotton Fields, Chairman Brass will be kidnapped alongside all the other bunker people by the Federation Army. The kidnapping can be blamed to Brass for sending unprepared people to do scout's job after the protagonist and Olaf were out for a long time, so the Federation followed one of them and discovered the bunker. The bunker engineers made a deal with the kidnappers: they promised to teach the kidnappers all they knew about nuclear power and other technologies if the kidnappers kept the bunker people alive. The bunker won't have signs of fight, what points out that the bunker people surrendered peacefully and no one died at the moment of the kidnapping.

If the protagonist side with Workforce Merchants, Fiston Diputtan will claim that all the bunker people was kidnapped by Qubba Government instead, taken to Fort Goks, and, after the destruction of Qubba, killed.

If the protagonist side with Liberation Army, Chairman Brass and all the other bunker people that survived since the kidnaping will be rescued by the protagonist from a detention camp in Ausz. Brass will inform that they have many casualities and half of the bunker people died. After talk to Richard Weaver about release the bunker people and go back to the detention camp, the protagonist will choose between accept Chairman Brass' decision to take the bunker people back to Your Bunker - where they will perish - or confront Chairman Brass and take the bunker people to Qubba - where they will prosper. If the protagonist confront him, Chairman Brass will apologize for his bad decisions and let the protagonist lead the bunkler people, but will refuse to follow together, giving the protagonist the options to let him go and take Brass as a prisoner. If Brass is made prisoner and delivered to Qubba for trial, he will be eventually freed from his sentence for lack of evidences of his crimes.


  • Physical: 4
  • Agility: 5
  • Accuracy: 6
  • Intelligence: 5

Trivia Edit

  • Brass can be hired as a Mercenary after the protagonist imprison him of trying to kill all the people of your bunker and before deliver Brass to Qubba.


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