• Darkaxel1989

    Assuming you don't travel with a camel caravan (with a speed of 6, it's quite slow, even if the whole Metal wagon/Large carts does make a difference in the profit you can make!) or an, all horse caravan (which is faster, but more forage and water dependent than one could like or afford, with the limited cargo capacity of horses), one has to make a choice: Buy food, or produce it with animals? We're not here to answer this question though, but to answer the next question, if you choose to produce. That question is: which animal is the best food producer? Camels and Horses are the most inefficient, and rightly so, considering the speed and load they have! Anyway, the horse is. the camel produces, on average, more kcal than a goat, and with j…

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  • Darkaxel1989

    Funny Names

    May 3, 2018 by Darkaxel1989

    This page has absolutely no practical use. Nope. It's just about something funny and crazy!

    Did it ever happen to you too? To have a prisoner or a mercenary with a funny or impossible name? Something, like, this? Post a screenshot! Let's see what are the strangest names out there, or the references to famous people/shows/characters of other games or shows! Here is mine: Michelangelo Chucknorris! The product of a fusion between the god of narizians and a mutant ninja turtle! Waiting to see the next one!

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  • VASH581

    Caravaneer 2, dare I say, is one of the best game I've ever played. Its realistic, sophisticated and fun. Ever since I started playing several years ago I was totally hooked by it. But over the years I've descovered some problems. Here I'll be focus on its combat system. I'll be talking about the problems with current combat system and my ideas to improve them. First I'll talk about things that bothered me in Caravaneer 2 combat system.

    Tell me, when is the last time you actually choose assault rifles, SMGs and shotguns over your favorite Mosin, SMLE, Garand and M21? Sniper rifles in this game are not necessarily OP but considering the combat situation and how weak other weapons are, sniper rifle + rocket pretty much become the only practic…

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  • Noddite

    Qubba Bandits Code

    September 3, 2017 by Noddite

    This is what I've been able to find on the Qubba Bandits unit as shown here.

    pushstring "faction" pushbyte 21 pushstring "name" pushshort 6656 pushstring "aggressive" pushfalse pushstring "averagePeopleNum" pushbyte 15 pushstring "slavers" pushtrue pushstring "transportSlaves" pushbyte 0 pushstring "money" pushshort 2500 pushstring "totalWeaponsPercentage" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "peopleLevel" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "peopleExperience" pushdouble 1.1 pushstring "weapons" pushstring "ite… Read more >
  • Tullius83

    Umi Alpha Oil Tycoon

    March 18, 2017 by Tullius83

    This is an analysis of the economics of oil. It may help people who have completed the Liberation path storyline and want to use their 5 (or 6 on "hard") Umi Alphas as they continue playing in the world they have molded. The player can continue to change the world and never run out of oil. The Umi Alpha is the most fuel efficient vehicle in the game. Computing the quotient, (Max Load) / (Fuel Consumption per 100 km) for each vehicle shows:

    Toe Cutter: 600 / (7/100) = 8571 kg-km/fuel
    Igelkott: 1600 / (10/100) = 16,000 kg-km/fuel
    Umi Alpha: 12,000 / (43/100) = 27,906 kg-km/fuel

    Your Umi Alphas are only one user of fuel. Several towns receive regular fuel supplies and will also consume fuel.

    An Umi Alpha moves 16 km per hour. In 1 day, it travels …

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  • Tullius83

    Note: This blog post may contain spoiler information. The data was gathered from Story mode, both Normal and Hard difficulty settings. Sandbox mode may have different secondary effects.

    The player has full control of one action that affects faction relationships: where to remand prisoners to a faction's police force. The following information may help a player decide where to remand their prisoners. Note that some of these factions can be "eliminated" in Story mode which will prevent remanding prisoners to that faction.

    The matrix is valid for relationships in the range -50 to +50. Once a faction relationship is outside the range -100 to +100, it is extremely difficult, maybe impossible, to reverse its direction, except for some Story mode e…

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  • DeathKnyte

    Here; I will assemble all my collected game notes and playing expeirience(s), while playing in Sandbox Mode.

      • "Note: This is currently a work in progress.**

    I enjoy playing in Sandbox Mode much for the challenge. It throws the player immediately in a dangerous location, with little in resources (except for the 10,0000 starting currency), and with no set goals other than to survive. None of the devices that make Story Mode a breeze, nor the dialogue options which always send you into a defined direction, or a particular mission to accomplish. It's just: "Here you are - you have some currency - spend it wisely - do whatever else you want - and if you die - well, game over. Good luck!"

    All information here-in is on the Hard Difficulty setting in S…

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  • Noddite

    Basic Modding 02: Cannibalism

    November 24, 2016 by Noddite

    You miss out on a lot if you play in Sandbox Mode. A lot of locations don't appear, there's no way to get unique items like Pim's Navigation Device or the S&W Model 500, there are no volunteers, and you can't become a cannibal. Follow these steps to fix the no cannibalism issue.

    Files: IsoEngine\Caravan.class.asasm and Data\Item.class.asasm

    Turning your caravan into cannibals has two parts: one to get human meat to appear and another to eat it.

    In Caravan.class.asasm, find this line:

    trait slot QName(PackageNamespace(""), "cannibal") value end

    and change it to

    trait slot QName(PackageNamespace(""), "cannibal") value True() end

    This allows your caravan to loot human meat from the dead, as well as slaughter slaves for food. It does not allow you to eat…

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  • Noddite

    Since the beginning of this month, I've been using RABCDAsm to finish cataloging Caravaneer 2's items, industries, towns, etc. Meanwhile, I've also noticed a few people want to mod the game.

    This time, I'm posting the code to enable all industries in a town:

    pushstring "possibleIndustries" pushbyte 1 pushbyte 2 pushbyte 3 pushbyte 4 pushbyte 5 pushbyte 6 pushbyte 7 pushbyte 8 pushbyte 9 pushbyte 10 pushbyte 11 pushbyte 12 pushbyte 13 pushbyte 14 pushbyte 15 pushbyte 16 pushbyte 17 pushbyte 18 pushbyte 19 pushbyte 20 pushbyte 21 pushbyte 22 pushbyte 23 pushbyte 24 pushbyte 25 pushbyte 26 pushbyte 27 pushbyte 28 pushbyte 29 pushbyte 30 pushbyte 31 pushbyte 32 pushbyte 33 pushbyte 34 pushbyte 35 pushbyte 36 pushbyte 37 pushbyte 38 pushbyte 39 … Read more >
  • Tullius83

    The purpose of this analysis is not to start an argument about starting attributes. Its purpose is to provide some numbers on the effects of some starting attribute choices so a player can make an informed choice. Secondarily, it shows some of the interrelationships among attributes.

    There are two sets of comparisons based on the extreme ends of the attributes (attributes of 1 and 10). Each is a comparison of two starting characters with 11 attribute points, combined, in agility (AG) and intelligence (INT). The other 9 attribute points are assumed to be assigned identically by the characters to physical and accuracy. The general conclusion is that extreme attribute choices for agility and intelligence do not give an advantage over more mode…

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  • Tullius83


    • January 2017: Minor updates and corrections to Appendix 2 - Animal weights and passenger size.
    • March 2017: Add more information on baby animal milk consumption and the effect of cows on the Collecting skill in the section "Additional Information on Animals."

    This guide provides information and tips for those who want to try large scale breeding and herding of animals. The advantages and disadvantages of running an animal herding "business" are outlined. Several possible herd configurations are examined. Detailed information on animals is included in appendices. Although this guide is in a blog due to its size, comments and questions are welcome.

    Herding animals is interesting and can be profitable, too. This guide will give you s…

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  • Tullius83

    Revisions: December 23, 2016:

    • Expanded calculations in examples 3 and 4 to explicitly show the effects of automatic selling versus active management.
    • Added 2 appendices that provide more detailed analysis of Food and Clothing industries.

    This is a large, general purpose, guide that explains how to find, evaluate, and manage profitable industries. It is targeted at a beginner to intermediate level of experience with industry. Starting from basic concepts, the guide progresses through increasingly more complex situations while explaining how player-owned industries behave in these situations. This allows the player to decide how deeply they wish to delve into industries. It includes 13 in-game examples, drawn from every region, to illustrate t…

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  • Coldwave001

    First Impressions

    January 9, 2016 by Coldwave001

    I played Caravaneer before, back in 2010, so finding Caravaneer 2 was pretty exciting for me. i couldn't wait to play it. Of course, I still haven't finished Caravaneer 2 yet, but from what I've experienced, it promises to be much beter than the original.

    Is it okay for volunteer characters like Spencer Rice to die in the game? I realize the game is nothing like a JRPG like Final Fantasy, where every knocked out character still has a chance to survive if the party survives a battle. But after his role in the fight against the Drekar Tribe, does he have anything left to do storywise?

    And why does he look like Nathan Fillion?

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  • VASH581

    Umi Alpha is the best transportation in the game… wait WHAT? You disagree because it’s a fuel vacuum and 5 of them will literally use up all the fuel available in a few years? Don’t worry, now I’m going to show you how to solve this problem by starting 2 industries and turning your Umi Alphas into dairy mobiles! It’s going to cost you about 42 million but after that you no longer need to buy any food, fuel, lubricant and still earning money.

    The scenario setting I'm using now is that you have complete Qubba storyline and have 5 Umi Alphas, 8 volunteers and 10 mercenaries (18 people is more than enough to deal with any Qubba bandit, you can have less mercenaries if your skilled) and the total salary is less than 40k.

    Here’s how you do it: (Th…

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  • Noddite

    Industry Stats

    April 1, 2015 by Noddite

    The following data (pulled from and separated for readability) is of limited use since each town has its own storage price, salary coefficient, tax rate, electricity price, and relative price. Still might be of interest if you want to know the sources of your expenses.

    Interesting note: The source code implies that "Hard" difficulty is the way the game is intended to be played.

    Insect Farming
    {name:1291, consumption:[{item:62, amount:1}, {item:1, amount:10}], production:[{item:45, amount:5}], electricityConsumption:0, averageSalary:5, fixedExpenses:5, storagePerUnit:10, price:250000},

    Sheep Breeding
    {name:1308, consumption:[{item:62, amount:56}, {item:1, amount:32}], production:[{item:85, amount:1.40}, {item:86, amount:4.30}, {item:87…

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  • Noddite

    Table Trouble

    March 31, 2015 by Noddite

    Good news: The Faction relations table's been done for a few days. There's a copy of it on my user page ready to be moved.

    Bad news: Even using established collapsible tables from other pages as templates, I can't get this one to work properly.

    Most likely future code dump: Industries.

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  • VASH581

    The Trading Map

    March 27, 2015 by VASH581

    This is something I'm recently working on: (click for bigger map)




    Purple: illegal

    Pink: illegal at first, legalized after sertain storyline

    What do you think? I think the map is easier to read than the chart. If the feed back are good I'll add them to the Trade Route page.

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  • Noddite

    Faction Relations

    March 9, 2015 by Noddite

    It's not a good idea to write a blog post so late in the night/early in the morning, but it's the only time I have.

    Where to find: -> faction_relations

    These are the preset faction relations. Workforce Merchants, with [0, 0, 30, 0, 0, 0, 0, -30, 10] for example, has +30 with Drekar (third from left entry), -30 with Alkubra Marauders (eighth from left/second from right), and +10 with Alkubra Police (ninth from left/first from right).

    Your Caravan (0): []

    Lintu (1): [0]

    Drekar (2): [-50, 0]

    Pullid (3): [0, -5, -70]

    Kivi (4): [0, 0, 0, 0]

    Travelers (5): [0, 10, -50, 10, 10]

    Rovers (6): [-50, -50, -50, -50, -50, -50]

    Alkubra Marauders (7): [-50, -50, -50, -50, -50, -50, -50]

    Alkubra Police (8): [0, 0, -10, 0, 0, 20, -20, -50]

    Workforce Merchants (9): [0…

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  • Noddite

    Sample Caravan Route

    February 1, 2015 by Noddite

    This is a sample of a caravan route found within the caravan_routes section of; specifically, the 15-man caravan.

    {size:15, onInit:true, extraEquipment:[{type:170, amount:20}], points:[{town:27, buy:[{item:90, amount:20}, {item:94, amount:60}, {item:62, amount:32}], sell:[{item:104, amount:100}, {item:"hat", amount:100}, {item:"shoes", amount:100}, {item:78, amount:100}, {item:186, amount:100}, {item:"food", amount:100}, {item:"lowerBodyClothing", amount:100}]}, {town:26, buy:[{item:62, amount:233}, {item:"hat", amount:10}, {item:"shoes", amount:16}], sell:[{item:90, amount:100}, {item:94, amount:100}]}, {town:31, buy:[{item:104, amount:164}], sell:[{item:62, amount:100}]}, {town:32, buy:[{item:78, amount:14}, {item:186, amount:5}, …

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  • Sjorsmeaster

    Calculating the game

    January 27, 2015 by Sjorsmeaster

    I use my knowledge in statistics and math to break the codes in the game

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  • Noddite

    NPC Ages

    January 20, 2015 by Noddite

    Some trivia from Age possibly affects food and water needs; I haven't followed the formulas closely enough to be certain.

    The NPCs below are listed in order of their special portrait (starting from 2).

    NPC Age
    Lois 24
    Spencer Rice 53
    John Patson 52
    Kevin A 20
    Samantha Stone 26
    Olaf 45
    Sigurd 30
    Chairman Brass 30
    Emilia 30 Read more >
  • Noddite

    Time to run some numbers

    January 15, 2015 by Noddite

    Last night, I installed a program capable of viewing AS 3 (ActionScript 3). This game's secrets are now unlocked... or they would be, if I still remembered how to code. It was hard enough to make a correction to the M1 Garand's magazine size in the first Caravaneer.

    This game has text files that come out to over 300 kb. To reiterate, 300 kb in text. More than one.

    Priority one is finishing up the storage for industries later tonight. In the meantime, I've found some base healing prices from DoABC -> IsoEngine ->

    • Animal: 20
    • Person: 40
    • Cart: 25
    • Car: 70
    • Eye Surgery: 10000
    • Arm Surgery: 6000
    • Leg Surgery: 8000

    Rehiring minimum morale:

    • Volunteer: 50
    • Mercenary: 30
    • Prisoner: 30
    • Slave: 40
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  • Icilan

    Quick Tips

    December 21, 2014 by Icilan

    I have no idea where to add such information, as they could range from Industries to Combat to Conspiracies.

    Skipping Storyline in Storyline Mode:

    In Your Bunker, enter Your Room and read the Map of the Tribal Region. Go to Lintu while skipping Silos and begin your mark in a much easier region than where you start off with in Sandbox Mode (i.e: Alkubra Region). This means that you can work your Missions fully equipped with Grenade Launchers (from the Gun Store in Ausz), a Horse/Camel caravan, and plenty of Boryokudan (or any other kind of) mercenaries ready to tear apart the region, for a good cause or for Teh Evulz.

    • Remember that their initial hiring fee may be higher than their minimum accepted wage. Set their price and press "Min." to see …

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  • Alterio1

    Enemy Chase or Flee

    December 14, 2014 by Alterio1

    From what I've confirmed so far these are what affects if an enemy chases or flees from you


    1. Number of people in your caravan (Including prisoners, slaves, and escorted)
    2. Weapons in your Primary slot
    3. Strength of the enemy (Their numbers and weapons)
    4. Monetary value of weapons

    Doesn't affect:

    1. Items in Inventory
    2. Armor
    3. Tough reputation
    4. Weapon in Secondary slot
    5. Animals
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  • Noddite

    Industry Expenses Formula

    December 1, 2014 by Noddite

    Ran a test on industry expenses today. Turns out a size 0 industry still has daily expenses of 20. This makes finding labor costs easier.


    Daily Expenses = 20 + (Size * Industry-specific labor cost)

    Will update the Industries page once Excel worksheet is done.

    EDIT: Ah, krypt. Apparently not. The formula doesn't work for Pullid Camp and Pea Cultivation at Kivi Camp.

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  • Noddite

    Notes on Confusion

    November 26, 2014 by Noddite

    "What is this place?"

    "It's a colony where people live, work and pray to the Man of Zinc together. It's our way to move away from the profane world and to concentrate on the divine."

    "I see. And why is it called Confusion?"

    "It's named after an ancient hymn that speaks about how we were all living in a land of confusion, with no love, no hope, no purpose until Man of Zinc came and showed us they way and taught us to build a better world with our own hands."

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  • Noddite

    Talking Heads

    November 26, 2014 by Noddite

    Spoiler alert.

    There are 31 known talking heads/characters who appear on the relationship list. According to the addresses in CE, there's a three-entry gap between Cricket and Kukul. Later on, there's a one-entry gap between John Sheppard and Rose, but that was a duplicate value for Sheppard during an earlier build of the game.

    Chairman Brass
    Spencer Rice
    Kevin A
    Captain Mustaparta
    Solanum III, The High Priest of Orth
    John Patson
    Sapoboi Rodrigues
    Chief Guard
    Huli Kitsune
    Jacob Fulier
    Dolland Truffle
    Samantha Stone
    Fiston Diputtan
    Richard Weaver
    John Sheppard

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